New Gift Boxes, Soap's and more coming soon for the Holiday Season. :)

C. K. Beauty in a Jar, products are all genuinely handmade. 

Our products are made to order and will ship within 5 days time. When you place an order you will receive a receipt from Paypal and Tracking number when your package has been shipped out.

 We have removed all the candles because we are looking into making candles with wood wicks and different type of containers. We will be adding the melts back soon. All the fragrances that we have can be made into melts and it will be the same with the candles once we are finished testing the containers and the wicks. If there is a pack of melts that you are looking for send us a message and we will let you know if we have that fragrance.

 We have an assorted collection of fragrances. We will be continually adding to our collection. For your shopping convenience, we have broke it down into categories as requested by our customers.

You may shop now or create your wish today.

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